My First Grow

I’ve always wanted to grow cannabis at home but just never got around to actually committing to doing it. Well, it has begun, and what a soothing, rewarding hobby. And I’ve only just begun.

I started by germinating nine feminized seeds and six of them sprouted. Fucking stoked on that! I have three AK-47 plants, two mango kush, and one banana kush.

Then I had to decide whether to grow indoors or outdoors. At first, I was going to grow outdoors so I bought a bunch of accessories to make that happen. I built a second raised bed and all but the more I read the more indoor growing intrigued me. I had more control over the plant and the elements needed to grow a healthy cannabis plant. I liked that, especially being my first grow, I felt it gave me more opportunity to learn the whole process of growing cannabis. So far so good.

More to come on this journey.

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